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Real Morality
(which has virtually nothing to do with sex)

Globally Rebuilding Civilization*
*Note: Both spellings used here
English: Civilisation & Americanese: Civilization

(A proposed South African initiative)
A H Munger
Copyright 2016

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It is notable that if civilisation has any merit at all, then civilisation is not about the quality of the plumbing, nor advanced electronics, nor any highly developed technology.  At best such are simply the products of a reasonably peaceful society, but are not the substance of civilisation. Nor is civilisation about this or that religious persuasion though it guarantees the protection of every religion that advocates sober, gentle, civilised behaviour.

The great glory and merit of civilisation is and can only be the good civil, civic minded behaviour of its civilian citizens toward each other and toward all others.

Civilisation is about people behaving well towards others.  A civilised society is one where everyone feels and is safe,  Where everyone, women, children, the elderly can safely walk the streets at night without fear.  It is a society where there is virtually no crime, never violence, no murder, rape, robbery, child abuse, women abuse, men abuse. Where substance abuse is rare and the social ills minimal and injustice is rare not common. It is also a society where everyone treats everyone else respectfully. Such civilised societies are always prosperous.

Such civilisation has existed before, at many times, in many places. No doubt some degree of such a state still prevails in some towns somewhere.


When it comes to human beings anywhere every kind of behaviour is to be expected, including the unimaginable, so while civilisation is largely a cultural matter, maintained by encultured habit, it also needs a strong bastion of enforcement, which entails a strong, highly efficient enforcement agency and a well organised, efficient, speedy, rational, sober and reasonable and thoroughly honest law enforcement system. Such a system forms the foundation of civilisation. The foundation of civilisation is protection, justice, truth, reasonableness all safe-guarded by real democracy.

Such is the foundation, but not yet the bedrock.


A national understanding and appreciation of the benefits for every individual and the consequent necessity of real morality is what makes morality the bedrock . . . . . .  upon which the ideal ultimate system of law, order and justice can yet be perfected.

Real morality is that indisputable, incontestable, underlying system of logic and the resulting principles dictating the taboos, ethics, good manners, customs & laws by which it's required values are gained and maintained. The essence of real morality is it's universally acceptable values.

Now a value is simply something worth having; and a principle, for the purposes of this matter, is simply a reason to action.  Simple.

When a criminal drug lord sees the leader of a competing gang raise a pistol to shoot him and quickly uses his own to shoot the other gangster dead, he is obviously doing so because he values and wishes to preserve his own life.  This does not comment on that action, but illustrates that everyone has values, including those who would pooh-pooh values, principles and morality. When the same gangster orders the throat to be cut of a gang member who has informed on him, he does it on principle, that the others will see what happens to those who do that. There is no one who does not live and behave according to some sort of values and principles.

The great values of God and man, or if you prefer you could leave out God and just say the great values of humanity, or leave out man and just call them the great values of God, as you wish, however in all cases you end up with the same values which are as follows:- (Actually it is an interwoven pyramid of values, all interrelated, all relative, interdependent, all necessary.) The pivotal, most crucial over-riding value of God and Humanity is Life & Creation, as opposed to the anti-values death and destruction. That is followed by the concomitant values which support and ensure Life & Creation, which are of course:- Freedom, Peace & Security, Health which all need the supporting presence of many other values, all related and all interdependent; such as Dignity; and attainable corporate and individual Prosperity; and Justice, Truth, Reasonableness, Compassion, social Harmony, Real Democracy, etcetera.

The full attainment and maintenance of these values enables individual human beings to enjoy living their lives fully, happily and constructively; and so the attainment of these values is the most rational and reasonable objective for every person. However, individuals cannot hope to arrange all that on their own, but they need the help and collaboration of society. Neither can groups arrange all that alone, but need the help and collaboration of the whole nation.  Whilst governments can do a great deal for their own citizens they cannot bring about the ideal state of affairs alone, but need the help and collaboration of all citizens, the whole nation.


Civilisation is this entrenched collaboration of all the members of a multitude of people to bring about the attainment of the above values for everybody, for each and all of its members.  It is a two way trade. The individual tries to help the community achieve the real values of real morality and the community tries to help the individual achieve such values.  This applies not only internally to all the people within a nation but also externally in the behaviour of nations toward each other. A very wise one said two thousand years ago, "You should do unto others as you would have others do unto you" That is how friends are made. That is certainly the first thing to do. Here it should be remembered that the best and most economical way of getting rid of enemies is by turning them into friends. That may sometimes be difficult and risky, but it should never be impossible for those who use their brains and behave according to real moral values. Only idiots and weaklings, the scumbags of humanity, resort to dirty tricks and violence.

The unavoidable necessity of instituting the custom, culture and rules of civilisation is to enable people to enjoy the huge benefits of living closely together in dense populations.

For society to protect the individual and help bring about the necessary living conditions, society needs the cooperation of all individuals, which means to say that the values of Life, Creation, Freedom, Peace & Security, Health, Dignity, Prosperity, Truth, Reasonableness, Justice, Harmony, Real Democracy, etc, even when supplied imperfectly, bring with them a responsibility for every individual and group to help (within reason) gain and protect and perfect those values for everybody and prevent their loss.  It is a team effort to enable us all to live our lives in the most satisfying way. This is the fundamental understanding which needs be taught to saturation and thoroughly understood by every person. The benefits, to every individual young and old and the nation as a whole, are enormous.


Advanced civilisation is recognisable by the virtual absence of social ills such as unnatural death, destruction, misery, tyranny, injustice, hatreds, animosity, violence, suppression, starvation, homelessness, crime, human abuse, substance abuse, suicide, irrationality, lies, false witness and a whole host of other social ills.

Civilisation is that customary state where all individuals safely, freely, constructively, healthily, are able by their own good efforts to prosper while in harmony with all others; and where all individuals are able to have dignified high self esteem, obtained from the only source that anyone can obtain it, namely from their own realistic (not make believe) knowledge of their good, sober, self controlled behaviour and own knowledge of their effectiveness in looking after their loved ones and themselves and proudly shouldering their own responsibilities of being decent responsible citizens.

Such civilisation can only be achieved if it is built upon the bedrock of real morality  The essence of real morality is it's interlocking grid of real, practical, rationa, universal values. It is the purpose of gaining and maintaining these universal values which should dictate all the rules and laws.


This is only about the very first step in building civilization. Before we can have civilisation we first have to decide this is what we want.  Who is we ? We is all of us, the whole nation. Once we have decided this is what we want then there are a great many things to do and improve and organise, but that all comes afterwards. First we have to decide what we want.

While there is no nation, country, state that does exhibit a degree of civilization, the quality of it is measurable by the social ills, social divisions and partiality or favouritism in the application of justice, suppression and the destruction of individual dignity or the tyranny of those who would play God or the tyranny of those who like to claim themselves to be appointed by God.  There is no nation that is free of all these ills and in some of the most affluent developed nations the record is bad.

There are many pessimists who would insist that no nation could ever be able to get everyone to cooperate in building an ideal, idyllic civilisation BUT in saying so they ignore that there are places where a reasonable degree of civilisation has at times been achieved.  They will go on to say that you will never get entirely rid of human personal insecurity, selfishness, greed, determination to dominate (only the insecure do that which means they are fundamentally weak), ruthlessness, lies and criminal behaviour.  They are right about that. Then they insist that because of that you will never get all people, all groups, all political parties, all financial interests to genuinely pull together to create the ideal civilisation and they say that that is the problem.

That is the problem, but the problem is also the solution.

Human beings do whatever they perceive to be in their immediate self interest and which they think they can get away with.  If they do get away with it then they do more and more of it and corruption, dishonesty, theft, murder, injustice, bullying, suppression, violence, robbery becomes worse and worse and worse and there is no bottom to that long drop.  That is the fall into total chaos . . . and being plundered by foreign criminals.

People do what their friends, families and colleagues do, in other words what their peers do; and they all also take their lead from the doings of those they look up to, their role models. (Corruption and dishonesty amongst leaders and centres of influence, for the harm it does in leading others to also behave that way, should be very, very, very severely publicly punished. Appointment to leadership does not entitle one to do as one pleases, but confers a duty to lead for the specific purpose of gaining and maintaining REAL moral values for society  -  so the first thing for us to all do is to decide that we want REAL moral values and not nonsense.)

Civilisation is built and perfected by mounting peer pressure.   

It was peer pressure overseas that brought about the conditions which forced the South African revolution to come about.

Civilisation is built by building up peer pressure.  It requires, explaining, teaching, pointing out the benefits and the irrefutable logic of it all and the fact that it will come about; and the only question is how long do we wish to suffer in misery before we bring it about.  Are we prepared to wait 5,000 years ?

To quickly bring about a highly advanced, developed civilisation requires a very deliberate, purposeful, growing movement in that direction, thus mounting increasing peer pressure on all concerned.

Building civilisation is a matter of first presenting this understanding to all those who are able to readily agree and enlisting them to actively spread it to all like minded people and gradually enlisting all those who are slower to understand until eventually gaining the support of those who cannot afford to be publicly seen to be opposed to it. Civilisation is built by mounting peer pressure.

Only what the whole nation united wants, the nation will get.    


The only action necessary for this building of proper advanced civilisation to become global is for it to be done by one country.  It needs only one country to lead the way, then others will follow and some may do it even better, which is to be hoped for so that we can all learn from that.

Though most countries are busy bringing about social and economic improvements all the time, what is needed is that all such efforts be accelerated and consciously directed within the confines of real morality, thereby building improved civilisation globally with the inevitably consequent world peace, prosperity and humanity's improved future ability to handle the serious future problems which are waiting down the line for us all.

In which country should this deliberate, purposeful, conscious endeavour start ?

Here is something that we South Africans need consider. Our late President Nelson Mandela was indeed a great leader and he did indeed leave us a legacy to honour and to live, but he would be the first to agree that there is something that the world and many South Africans are missing, which was that his character was not that of a one in a hundred million freak, that he was not that unusual inasmuch as there are very many of our older generation, mature black South Africans, whose characters are of the same sober wisdom and careful understanding, epitomising South African "live & let live" moderation and concerned caring. 

In this, his was the epitome of the character of very many of the mature older generation of black South Africans and there is no doubt at all he would agree.  Indeed this character can also often be seen in its early beginnings in some of the young.

In this his greatness was not that of a freak, but it was that he portrayed an old characteristic of mature Africans.  Many urban dwellers who are not black Africans, do not realise that our black African people, in culture and social attitudes are very, very, very conservative and staid indeed. This needs be known for it puts to rest the exaggerated anxieties of some, particularly if Africa, specifically South Africa, can proudly lead the way in the purposeful development of the world's ultimate highly advanced civilisation.

We have the brains to do it.  We have many highly sophisticated intellects, black, brown and white.  We have many clever people.  It does not really cost money nor sacrifice - to mount a spreading, growing, deliberate, purposeful campaign to proudly become the world's first ultimate highly advanced civilisation.  There is no reason that South Africa cannot do this. It will result in South Africa being a very happy place in which to live and the South African Nation being the most highly respected Nation on earth and Very Prosperous.

What the whole nation united wants, the nation will get.

What is needed is that if the reader would like to enjoy the benefits of living in an enhanced civilisation based on real morality, where there is peace, security, far less violence, crime and robbery, much reduced abuse of all kinds, diminishing social ills, less injustice, less corruption, much greater respect for the law and police, growing employment opportunities in a booming confident economy and hope for the future for yourself, children and grand children knowing that the nation is on the upward path to becoming a leading nation for being the most civilised with happy contented citizens, if that is what you want, then draw this to the attention of those who are like minded, so that they can also start to spread the idea.  If we start with 100 active promoters and each gets, each month, 2 others to also become active promoters (which is 200% growth rate pm) and they carry on doing just that, then within 12 months we will have the entire adult population of South Africa (34 million 20yrs+) saying this is what we want.

What the whole nation united wants, the nation will get.

Afterwards political debate will be more lively and active than ever, but we will have a cleaner, more vigilant democracy - which we need as our only protection against us ever falling victims to the tyranny of some whimsical dictatorship. Tyrants will arise if they get a chance.


This citizens movement is not political, is not politically motivated nor connected but needs the support of ALL political parties, ALL groups, ALL interests, ALL unions, ALL religious persuasions, ALL races, ALL language groups and shame on any that miss the train. This UNITES the nation. This nation will prosper, will be proud, will be happy and united.

If anyone disagrees will they please supply twenty five good intelligent reasons for their selfish negative doom and gloom destructiveness.
*A H M

Footnote 1: This is a dynamic article which means ALL readers are invited to e-mail suggested intelligent improvements to this article to make it better and more effective. The author alone is not clever enough to make it perfect. Preferably make it shorter not longer. If your suggestion is used it will be acknowledged with your name in this footnote.

TO: Artist Nici Ellis - Magaliesburg. For pointing out that there was some duplication and forbidding blocks of text. Spot on Nici. So some words have been deleted, some streamlined, some duplication removed & big blocks of text broken into digestible paragraphs. Hope it suffices.
Thank you Nici. She also said I should make up my mind about English spelling or Americanese spelling. Again right Nici. That had been giving me problem. If you Google or 'Duck-duck-Go' Civilization with a zed, you get more results than if you search for Civilisation with an ess. But I write English not Americanese and I don't think the English googlers should be left out in the cold, so decided to use BOTH and put a note under Civilization in the heading saying so.

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